Monday, November 15, 2010

Amber in May and the return of the Empanada

Amber, May 2010
Due to a deafening clamour (Steve, one request) for pictures and videos from this side of the world I have decided to re-heat the now mouldy Empanada. Or perhaps dig it out from the back of the freezer, or perhaps tweak the recipe, or perhaps ...... (no really, enough).

With a worldwide readership of about 6 (I include myself, although sadly not my diminutive wife) it hardly mattered when the blog entries dwindled to nothing, left behind by a rather more complicated life of childcare, earthquakes, insuurance claims, new jobs and so on. A blog that no-one reads is a luxury you can afford before the onset of parenthood. After that a floor free of biscuits/cereal/playing cards/pencils is the luxury. Oh, and six hours uninterupted sleep.

Of course, BC (before children) included a life of disposable income. We were free to eat out, have weekends away, take pictures and then put them on a blog. Life is different now. I only take pictures of Amber and my scooter. I fear this will become a site dedicated to only those two, but perhaps it wouldn't be so bad for it.

The picture above is Amber in May of this year. The church behind is a huge picture of the main plaza in Santiago, which is strategically hung in our living room to hide the earthquake cracks.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

What are You Doing Here?

It seems that The Guardian has listed this somewhat out-of-date blog as my link from The Fans Network for The World Cup in South Africa. I thought I'd sent in the link to the music blog but obviously not.

If you aren't related to me you might not find this blog very interesting! Even my wife doesn't read it!

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